About Us

The Asia-Pacific Vision Magazine was authorized by the government of the Hongkong special administrative region. The magazine aims at promoting the art  development of Hongkong, and at the same time covering the Asia Pacific art circle, the English name of thejournal is Asia-Pacific Vision Magazine (hereinafter referred to as HK APV).

Main Column

Visual concepts, visual management, visual humanities, visual education, visual products, visual images, visual space, public art.

Main Division

Journal Operations Department

*Responsible for the overall business magazines, including the publication, distribution, advertising, business plan and organize the implementation;

*The overall arrangement of the editorial department daily work and management of the magazine to promote the issue, and advertising business;

*The construction of the media network and other special promotion;

*Responsible for the magazine's editorial planning and layout visual design;

*The integration of resources, planning and guidance of the implementation of brand building and marketing support for the long-term development of the magazine;

*The evaluation and decision making of the overall business strategy, costscontrol, market expanding.

Academic Department

Responsible for academic research, exhibition planning, academic research, literature review, media publicity, website management. To develop annual academic research topics of the magazine, develop annual exhibition plan, organize academic seminars and seminars, as well as international exhibition exchange activities.

Exhibition Department

Responsible for the exhibition design, exhibition display, exhibition management. Responsible for the implementation of exhibition plan, the overall image of packaging design, the shuttle of exhibitions, lighting distribution and design in exhibition hall, exhibition site construction and the specific exhibition work allocation.

Ministry of Public Education

Responsible for planning and organizing public activities, popularize art knowledge, promote art education, etc.. Responsible for guide service and volunteer team management, as well as raising funds, project development and the development of art derivatives.

Award list