Top 10 Tips for Surviving 2012



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If 2012 is going to be one of the toughest years we've experienced yet, now's the time to get your business ready.

Survival will be about preparation and having the right mindset. You need to move your business forward even though revenues may not be growing as fast as you'd like.

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Ian Cochrane has worked with creative businesses for over 3 decades and has identified 10 things that appear to be crucial to survival. These points cover areas such as pitching, marketing your business, promoting your brand and motivating your people. Get your business in shape now and you'll be able to survive the tough times, ready to take advantage of any upturn when it happens.

This webinar is an opportunity to step outside of your business in order to review it objectively and make the necessary improvements to move things forward.


Ian Cochrane, Ticegroup

Ian has worked with both successful and failing businesses and observed the fine line between winning and losing. Ian describes himself as a poacher turned gamekeeper - having been MD of Fitch and Landor Europe for over 10 years, he then returned to his consulting roots and has been a non-exec advisor to many of today's leading design businesses. He now specialises in improving the performance of businesses and helping them build the value of their brands in preparation for an exit at some future date.

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